What we do

Our range of control and metering technologies was original developed by major UK company and we are developing new products and services in the energy sector. We have a range of products and systems to provide real time control with cloud connectivity in:

  • Retrofit Electric storage and water heating control; the control of existing electric storage heating installations to give residents a much better heating experience through flexible and adaptive charging. This facilitates better tariffs and coupled with the elimination of supplementary heating can reduce resident bills.
  • New Build Electric storage and water heating control; suitable for new or replacement individual storage heaters with modern LOT20 standard, without rewiring, bringing smart grid functionality.
  • Heat pump metering and monitoring control; interface compliant with Ofgem Metering and Monitoring Service Package (MMSP) for the domestic Renewable Heat Initiative (RHI) and capable of providing diagnostics and demand management.
  • Consumer Access Device (CAD) for real time metering ; compatible with SMETS1 and SMETS2 meters to record electricity consumption, power and voltage – developed for community energy projects to enable “local use of local renewables”.
  • Aggregation Services – working with aggregators to control electric storage, water and heat pump heating loads using both and static and dynamic frequency response.